Automotive Airbrushed Art

Airbrushed art on all types of automotive vehicles including cars, trucks, boats, amusement rides and motorcycles. Automotive airbrush work started evolving during the 1980's and has involved extensive use of automotive paint ever since with experience in preparation and refinishes using base coat and 2k paint systems.
  • Motorcycles
  • Cars
  • Light Utilities
  • Boats
  • Trucks

Airbrush Auckland Zoo utility truck 2000

Custom airbrush bonnet 1989

Airbrushed truck front 1999

Airbrush boat graphics 2k clearcoat 2010

Rob's been using airbrushes since 1985

Airbrush utility truck 2000


Purple Wizard Harley - Best custom paint Rotorua MC Show 1996.

Flaming Harley custom airbrush paint work 1999.

Horses on Harley motorcycle tank 1998.

Dragon on custom purple paintwork 1999.

Sunset pinstripe eagle motorcycle tank 1989.

Photo below: 1930's Indian motorcycle tanks with custom design airbrushed insignia logo 1998.

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Motorcycle paint feature - The Alien

Unique custom colour entirely produced using the Dupont basecoat system and finished in 2K clearcoat.

Main Colour transparent blue pearl over pearl base.

Artwork colours greyscale

The design was created straight from Rob's imagination incorporating an airbrushed bio mechanical art theme.

The finished artwork depicts a world of many scenes over various parts of the bike which are titled 'gas land" by the artist.

The custom Harley Davison featured in and on the cover of NZ Motorcycle magazine in 1997

Other Automotive Paint Items

Other items can be painted using 2k automotive finishes. Objects like the bass guitar commissioned in 2004 and snowboard 1998 offering two different scenes with each orientation can be airbrushed to custom requirements.

Product Title

Airbrushed art

 Custom painted Gitar

Airbrushed Snowboard

Airbrush snowboard

snowqboard paint work

Swonborad Art

Airbrushed Snowboard